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Mattocks, Charles and Grimm, Kristi: Diabetes and Healthy Eating

Charles Marrocks 009Celebrity Chef, Charles Mattocks in conjunction with Kristi Grimm (Co-author) and Dave Grimm (Illustrator), have produced a most attractive book for children, designed to educate whilst entertain. Upon learning he himself had type 2 diabetes, Charles Mattocks decided to channel his knowledge and skills to helping others and in particular younger children to understand not only the diabetic condition but the importance of managing it by means of diet and exercise.

Charles Mattocks cleverly places himself in the supporting role of visiting Celebrity Chef to the school of the main protagonist, Little Mar, a lovable bear who has undergone tests and needs to understand the resulting diabetes diagnosis, as it now affects his life. He struggles to understand his condition needs careful management but when he learns the real Celebrity Chef he’s seen on TV is to visit his school to give a very special talk he’s very excited as this TV star has diabetes just like him and so lines up the questions he wishes to ask with great enthusiasm! This is a wonderful story for children which one feels will be readily understood as there is much that will inevitably be easy to identify with in the home, school and medical centre settings. Beautifully illustrated in full colour, children will be able to identify food familiar to them at the same time as being introduced to products both natural and manufactured which they may not yet have encountered. There is plenty of scope for discussion here and I envisage simple identity games emerging from the meticulous illustrations which will serve to reinforce children’s understanding of the concepts involved. Packed with serving suggestions young children will love to ‘match’ their own plates to the pictures and know they are eating just right!

A thoughtful inclusion is the glossary of terms children are likely to encounter in relation to the diabetic condition, which is fully explained in a special section written for adults. There are delicious, simple, recipes which are fun and designed to tempt children and a section comprising pictures to colour, reflecting the theme of the book.
All in all this 52 page book with its very attractive cover and clever, rhyming story line achieves a brilliant balance both children and their parents/carers will love. Its healthy eating message is relevant to us all and presents an awareness of possible health consequences should we consistently eat the wrong things.

Celebrity Chef, Charles Mattocks and Kristi Grimm have between them produced a very valuable, well-considered work in the writing of this book; the story and related content of which, one feels would engage most young children, regardless of whether or not they had diabetes.

One has nothing but admiration for Charles Mattocks, as not only has he truly given of himself in sharing his own circumstance, but in the doing of this he has given of his celebrity status both generously and wisely in recognising he is, by virtue of his own condition, uniquely placed to influence eating habits for better health. I can but very highly recommend this book and I am confident of its continued success in serving this vital cause.

ISBN 13: 978-0-9892884-0-8 (Hardcover)
ISBN 13: 978-0-9892884-46 (Paperback Premium)
ISBN 13: 978-0-9892884-5-3 (Paperback Standard)

Publisher: RICHER Publications 1st Ed: 2013

Reviewer:   Margaret Henderson Smith

Copyright – all rights reserved

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