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Fucilla, Anthony: Quantum Chronicles in the Eleventh Dimension. + Quantum Chronicles 2

002In the reviewing of these books, I have to be honest in saying science fiction is a genre never contemplated. But the growing success of the author had me intrigued to read his work, for by all accounts, he is well accomplished to write in this field having studied philosophy and theology at university, to branch into engineering, becoming a fully qualified ROV pilot. Indeed, one can see Anthony Fucilla has a very sound base from which to let his imagination soar, which he does, but wisely so, to generate excitement precisely at the time of his choosing. These stories don’t run away with themselves, one feels every word has been well considered, every sentence well structured, each plot carefully generated to create a credible futuristic platform which is completely believable.
In the first of this series, Anthony Fucilla writes a collection of six short stories each exploring differing aspects of the human condition as it interacts with the results of rapidly advanced scientific progress which man himself has engineered. The first tale ‘Metallic Cosmos’ explores the concept of robots dominating and controlling the last remains of human life and Fucilla cleverly sets the scene where the protagonist Mr.Willis, up for his review, seizes his opportunity to stand his ground with the robotic interviewer, producing not a little entertainment for the reader as it works through to an unexpected conclusion. It would seem all possible events are explored in these differing stories producing adventurous tales relating to space and time travel, ‘what if?’ scenarios, and other dream fulfilment propositions made possible by this  new space age.

The second of the series, consisting of eleven short stories, continues the theme, exploring, one feels, more deeply the moral, philosophical and religious implications of exactly what makes us human, for however sophisticated the robotic structure is, Fucilla so eloquently and intelligently generates in his human characters that ability to reduce and rationalise the long running debate of whether or not man is merely a machine. Fucilla is unafraid to tackle the concept, his thinking is big, deep and massively intelligent. His final story ‘Memoirs of Time’ neatly concludes the work for here he draws out the human spirit in its quest for meaning. Though forbidden by the authorities, the creation of a time machine is set to test the space/time continuum theorem but it is high risk for one of the protagonists who does his utmost to keep it grounded. But will fear negate its use? This very brief but fantastic tale is truly thought provoking.  This second work is a ‘must’ for those interested in exploring not only the complexities but the wonders of life.  Fucilla sets these questions in the most viable context they could possibly have. His illuminating, exciting narrative takes the reader out of the norm in both time and space while the dialogue ensures a firm root in life as we know it.

If you are a sci-fi fan, you’ll love the breadth of possibilities explored in these exceptionally well-written tales. If the genre is new to you then why not try it? I did and enjoyed mulling over the moral, ethical and metaphysical questions they raised. I’m sure we all think them, it’s part of the human condition but Anthony Fucilla, in presenting these issues, creates the paradigm whereby we are able to set them against science and its logical progression, whilst at the same time brilliantly entertaining us. There is so much more to Fucilla’s work than mere space adventure for those who wish to engage with a philosopher and theologist who so very evidently knows and loves his discipline. His knowledge is brilliantly woven into the fabric of the work with great clarity and simplicity. In allowing his well formed characters their individuality, there is something for everyone to identify with here. The questions are posed, the viewpoints are implicit and the reader is left to make his own decisions.  I do indeed feel privileged to have had the opportunity to read Anthony Fucilla’s work which I can very confidently highly recommend.

ISBN   9781845493127  Quantum Chronicles 1

Publisher:   arima publishing 2008
ISBN  9781845495077    Quantum Chronicles 2

Publisher:   arima publishing 2011

Reviewer:   Margaret Henderson Smith

Copyright  –   all rights reserved

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