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West, Mira: A Dead Game

Mira West has written with considerable sensitivity, an excellent story based around the protagonist Jasmine Woods who is a casino croupier, dependent on her job being a single parent with two children to support. It would seem there’s always a heavy price tag attached to divorced Jaz’s relationships and West plunders her reader’s emotions as the story unfolds. This it does well with coherence and clarity, not to mention mystery, intrigue, tension, excitement and love. Jaz is not alone in being attracted to the hotel manager of Paradise Palace housing the casino where she works. He is one, slick, charming, Frank Pazzarelli, the epitome of female desire and knows every good and bad trick in the book when it comes to using women to his own advantage, but would it be any different for Jasmine? She’s drawn to him, though this popular, sweet natured girl is nobody’s fool. She’s constantly struggling with her emotions and we see her frequently on the brink of letting her heart rule her head creating an ongoing tension for the reader particularly when Jerome enters her life. This doctor is refreshingly different from the men she’s been used to and the inevitable attraction begins. The plot is clever and complex and so we are not surprised Jaz, once emotionally embroiled, unwittingly becomes a target and we fear for her safety. There are scores to be settled, deals to be dealt, drug-running to be made for the very last time. Murders for freedom, revenge, fear; this story will have you on edge, page after page whilst all the time feeling for Jasmine, caring what happens, desperate for her to make the right decisions, fearing for the inevitability of grief she would seemingly face whichever way she turns.

This work is well informed, West has set the scene with conviction so a reader unfamiliar with the context quickly becomes involved. She knows hers subject, sometimes shocks and spares no detail when it comes to the darker side of the gambling world. This talented Author has the ability to draw the reader in with believable contrasting characters creating a clever, fast moving, well considered work which I didn’t want to put down.  It’s well written which makes for an easy read and a great book to relax with I can confidently highly recommend.

ISBN-10:  1457512780

ISBN-13:   9781457512780

Publisher:   Dog Ear Publishing LLC 2012

Reviewer:  Margaret Henderson Smith

Copyright  –   all rights reserved

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