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Hudson, Derick: Dysfunctional Romance

This absolutely hilarious book is a compelling read. With both protagonists having to grapple with a variety of psychological disorders manifesting in various behavioural patterns something akin to compulsive/obsessive, these unfortunates tailor their life styles accordingly. This requires total absorption, for the most part they manage to accommodate their quirky behaviour fairly efficiently, for the reader, however, it generates an intensification of humour, compounding the compulsion to laugh throughout the whole side-splitting story.
Derrick Hudson creates strong, believable characters in Barry Shaw and Sandra Wiggins. Of course they’re both looking for love and we are introduced to them in their work places. Barry Shaw being a talented advertising executive while Sandra Wiggins faces her clientele down the phone line addressing insurance claims. Think ‘work’ and the reader will instantly identify with all those anomalies, misjudgements, dirty dealings, favouritisms, innuendoes, that fall from the power structure to stir, anger and motivate the general work force into ‘getting their own back’ whether it be subtle or overt! Not to mention the inherent rivalry and hilarious interactions of the highly competitive, disparate and just plain odd, creating a set of  characters always having their eye on the top. Thus, to a greater or lesser extent Hudson identifies the familiar in each of the differing work situations. He has an eye for detail and an ability to feel the mind-set of each of his characters.
One feels one has gained hilarious insight into each of these work situations where Hudson largely gives the reader access through the sexual perceptions of the characters, needless to say with great hilarity. In particular, being party to the client brief Barry Shaw and his colleagues need to address in the board room, is one of the funniest things I’ve ever read. It certainly has the power to enlighten the female reader and had me in absolute stitches. Whilst Hudson doesn’t pull any punches regarding the anatomy of either sex, it’s not gratuitous but integral to the action and it’s absolutely impossible to take offence.
Derick Hudson’s humorous slant is delivered with such precision as to have all his readers laughing all the way to the end. His ability to factor such hilarious astute life observations into his writing with such credibility is indeed a rare talent, for this is a brilliant, down to earth story tempered with romantic interlude that one has a compulsion to continue – a very difficult one to put down. The reader’s drawn into following the protagonists developing relationship with considerable empathy. Once these crack-dodging pavement walkers meet, the story unfolds with unexpected twists and turns, her mum and dad, his dad, the fortune-teller, the postman that refuses to enter the graveyard surrounding Shaw’s converted church dwelling; whilst all the time the sub-plot, Sandra Wiggins’ best friend envying her, taking the fast, less romantic route to love. This story bounces along all the way to the end. It’s very cleverly written for the author has an exceptional talent in being able to draw in and hold the reader at every turn of the page. It’s a well constructed, easy to read story, sheer entertainment from start to finish. I highly recommend this book for it will leave the reader not only with a ‘feel good’ factor but most definitely wanting more.

ISBN – 19   1468000519
ISBN – 13  9781468000511

Publisher: CreativeSpace Independent Publishing platform 2012

Also available on Kindle

Reviewer:   Margaret Henderson Smith



  1. Sounds like a fun book!

    • Thanks you so much for your comment. It certainly is a fun book – most enjoyable!

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